We pursue intentional gospel relationships to display Christ’s glory among the nations.

It was with this original vision that founding pastor Todd Robertson sought to plant our church in the most multi-ethnic neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky. In July 2009, the group of families that would eventually form Antioch Church began to meet. Three months later, home-based family groups started, along with monthly Sunday evening gatherings in the basement of the Lynn Acres Building on Southside Drive. In May 2010, Antioch launched weekly gatherings and moved to the main sanctuary at the Lynn Acres building, now called Refuge Louisville. In March 2013, Antioch was constituted as an autonomous church.

In those first four years Antioch quickly became a cross-cultural hub. Some of our earliest gatherings included the translation of songs and sermons into multiple languages. This eventually led to the planting of Asha Church, a congregation made up of Nepali refugees. In light of our intentionally global vision, numerous people were drawn to Antioch with the hope of being sent to proclaim the good news of Jesus among the nations. Soon, a considerable percentage of Antioch members were distributed in this way around the U.S. and the world.   

Shortly after our constitution, Antioch leaders were approached by New Heights Baptist Church and asked to consider adopting their congregation and facility. Later in August 2013, the adoption of New Heights was completed and the newly united Antioch received our current facility along with 11 acres of surrounding land, including a community garden and a soccer pitch. This season of receiving continued as Asha Church returned with the desire to reintegrate with us into a single multi-ethnic congregation. We also persisted in our commitment to send as TC Taylor was launched to plant New Breed Church in the west end of Louisville.

In late 2016, pastor Todd Robertson transitioned into a new role as the Director of Missions for the Louisville Regional Baptist Association. Then in May 2017, we welcomed Bradley Bell as our new lead pastor, himself a former missionary and missions pastor. To this day the original vision remains the same. Who we are is informed by five key identities: eyewitnesses, worshipers, family, disciples, and blessing. What we do is defined by three simple practices: gathering, grouping, and going. Above all, our desire is to see God graciously enable us to live up to our biblical namesake, Antioch, as we pursue intentional gospel relationships to display Christ’s glory among the nations.