Bell Family Group

Facilitated by Brad and katie Bell

This group gathers each week to share evidences of grace, apply the Bible to one another’s lives, and pray together in groups of men and women. They are primarily made up of young families, though they welcome diversity. Participants eat dinner before arriving, but they have snacks each week. Children meet in an adjacent room and adults rotate watching them. Occasionally they share meals together and plan fun outreaches to neighbors. This group also serves as a launchpad for Family Group leaders and seeders.

Groups Monday in South Louisville.


Crigler Family Group

Facilitated by Jason and kari Crigler

This group gathers each week to share a meal, apply the Bible to one another's lives, and encourage and pray for each other. They are a mixture of singles and couples with children ranging in preschool to elementary age. The children play in an adjacent room or outside with adult care rotation. This group is intentional in cultivating fruitful relationships with each other and the community.

Groups Sundays in South Louisville.


Groce Family Group

Facilitated by Lynn and suzanne Groce

This family group shares a meal each week as they share how God is working in their lives, study the Bible and pray together. They are a children friendly group with a short devotional focused toward the whole family.

Groups Thursday in South Louisville.


Hunsucker  Family Group

Facilitated by Jason and shannon Hunsucker

A diverse group of couples and single adults, with kids ranging from infants to teens. Each week we share a meal together, share about the ways God is working in our lives and spend time in His Word and praying together. We invest in one another, but we are also committed to reaching our city for Christ. Once a month we commit to a community outreach project. *Children meet separately for a lesson with adults on a rotating basis.

Groups Sundays in South Louisville.


Roosa Family Group

Facilitated by Patrick and alisha roosa

This family group is made up of singles and families. They share a meal in a relaxed environment where they can shed the busy-ness life for a while. They regularly sing and pray together as families prior to having age appropriate Bible discussions. They strive to know the Lord more in His Word through discussion, prayer for one another, and seek to apply the truths they learn in the context of their lives. They enjoy serving the community at large and living life together.

Groups Wednesdays in South Louisville.

Moss Family Group

Facilitated by Trey and hayley Moss

This group gathers each week to share evidences of grace, apply the Bible to one another’s lives, and pray together. Each week they share a meal together. They are a mixture of families and singles with children ranging from infants to elementary ages. Children participate in evidences of grace and then meet in an adjacent room while adults take turns watching them. Each quarter they plan a family event where they spend the evening fellowshipping. 

Groups Sundays in the Highview neighborhood. 


Robertson Family Group

Facilitated by Todd and kim Robertson

This group has families with teenagers, college students, single adults and married couples. They are thankful for how God is working to make them more of a family. They spend time each week in prayer and digging into the Word of God, and sharing how God is at work in their lives. They always have snacks and occasionally they share a meal. They are committed as a group to serve at Iroquois High School in various ways.

Groups Mondays in South Louisville.